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Journal Entries

Feminine Anger

Feminine Anger

Anger is not considered a feminine emotion. Our society has demonized our anger so much that we repress it and carry resentment that is often confused with leadened depression.



You turn to the sun, you find the light. It illuminates you. It ignites you, and your own inner light burns more brightly for it. Or perhaps that sun, those

Always Connected

Always Connected

Her wisdom runs deeper than the roots of our grandfather spruce. Her songs soothe. The lullabies, sweet and pure. Our Mother. She breathes life into each and every cell. Wide

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Real Women. Real Experiences.

WE Women is empowering me as a conscious, confident and loving woman on how to show up in my world and for myself with my most loving and confident foot forward. From their teachings I have learned the answers to questions that I didn’t even know how to articulate but I knew I wanted answers to them.

It’s like they’ve gone into the corners of my mind and are speaking exactly to what my soul is yearning to learn. I feel supported and understood and excited about who I can become from their teachings and sisterhood.

Cassandra Hope

RHN, CPT, Co-Founder IBS Academy

Krystal and Jamie are incarnations of the Divine Feminine at its strongest. Through their compassionate heart AND fierce stand for women reclaiming their power, these Wonder Women are true world leaders, beacons of light and hope, and role-models to women, children, and teens.

However you were brought to WE Women, know that it is not an accident — as these healing sisters hold exactly the wisdom that the world needs.

Anya Grace

Founder, EastWest Woman

  • Baby—you are safe 💗
Cry into my heart so my love
can engulf your song
Let me sing to you the melody
That only our souls can understand
There are no rules
Just a history of messages that try to keep you small
Be one with them
For the leap is always over fear
May it always keep you entranced in your soul calling
Follow me
Take my hand
Let me guide you through the shadows using your light
There’s nothing to be afraid of
For we are not there anymore
Not living in the past but valuing what suffering has brought to you
Blessings, beloved
Nothing more
Look into my eyes
and see your true nature
Value that in yourself
Be free to shed your old skin until you truly engulf your light
Be that
Wild and untamed ✨
Howl at the moon and praise His holy name
I am here, waiting
Let our oneness speak in tongues
To guide you to the sanctuary
of home within
And so it is.
—Written by WE Community Member, Karen A. Baquiran @kbaquiran
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{image via @tinamariaelena}
  • Tell your daughters
how you love your body
Tell them how they must love theirs.
Tell them to be proud of every bit of themselves—
from their tiger stripes
to the soft flesh of their thighs,
whether there is a little of them or a lot,
whether freckles cover their face or not,
whether their curves are plentiful or slim,
whether their hair is thick, curly,
straight, long or short.
Tell them how they inherited 
their ancestors’ souls in their smiles,
that their eyes carry countries
that breathed life into history,
that the swing of their hips
does not determine their destiny.
Tell them never to listen when bodies are critiqued.
Tell them every woman’s body is beautiful
because every woman’s soul
is U N I Q U E ✨
—Nikita Gill
  • Strength in Surrender ✨
The New Moon Solar Eclipse
moves us inward
shining pure soul-light
on our subconscious knowing.
She embodies the Lioness
inviting us to bravely examine our life
and soul expression.
Who am I?
What do I need right now?
Am I ready to release or change any aspect of my life?
Whether you move inward
exploring your passions, purpose
or you dance outward
feeling, playing and growing
you are exactly where you need to be.
With a smile or with tears
Let it burn, sister
scream, laugh, shake it UP.
There is much beneath the surface
of this eclipse season
a completion of a 2 year cycle
a renewal of our path.
However the magic flows to you today—embrace it.
New Moon Blessings to you ✨🌙
{art by @cosmiccollage}
  • “In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.” — Carl Jung
{art via @thedivinelyguided}
  • I N T U I T I O N ✨
how does she speak to you?
For each of us it is unique—
often times a feeling, a voice
or a deep inner knowing.
This connection to ourselves
has been repressed for years
but now, WE remember
we reconnect and we deepen our
understanding of self.
Sister, may your intuition be strong
and your heart full of love
today and every day 💛
What rituals or habits have you found to be the most powerful to awaken your unique intuition? We’re teaching a workshop this month and would love to know!
  • Today—I love myself fully
listening to all impulses
and inner guidance.
Today—I make space for my soul
to speak
to L I S T E N ✨
to guide me forward.
And as I hold myself
in this cocoon of love
I remind my body
my heart, my spirit
that my life is a beautiful symphony of experiences
all helping me to shed the layers that do not serve
so that I can rise
into my truest soul expression.
Take a moment
place your hands upon your heart
feel the warmth of your desires and say
I love you.
Thank you.
{art by @merakilabbe}
  • Underneath
Tectonic plates
Far beneath
Molten rock
Deep within
A blazing light core
Lies the heart of Gaia
She opens to you
Her secrets
Each sacred truth
Is as precious
As her firstborn child
As you let her wake
Within you
So does the light
Of 10,000 suns
As she turns you
In her arms
Sea maidens
Breathe air into your lungs
As her foundations quake
New rhythms beat inside your heart
And you begin
To greet winds of change like old friends
And you become aware
That all life
Is in a constant state of flux
And standing still
Is illusionary
Whether by will or fate
Whether you resist
Or embrace
Your destiny is unchanged
You map only the odyssey
Of your own evolution
—Written by WE Community Member Chantal Eva
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{art via @hheininge}
  • This month, we journey with our Sacred Sisters into the reconnection and reclamation of our feminine intuition and deep feeling of KNOWING.
We will question—
Who am I?
What do I want?
What does my body need?
What is my spirit asking for?
We are so naturally intuitive. 
Connected to our Earth Mother and the cosmos above.
But at what point did this intuition get murky? Clouded with doubt and forgotten about.
How can you find this deep soul guidance again?
Join us and our WE Sacred Sisters tribe this month for rituals, teachings and sacred knowledge that will guide you back into yourself and to your natural intuitive state of being.
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