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You turn to the sun, you find the light. It illuminates you. It ignites you, and your own inner light burns more brightly for it. Or perhaps that sun, those

Always Connected

Always Connected

Her wisdom runs deeper than the roots of our grandfather spruce. Her songs soothe. The lullabies, sweet and pure. Our Mother. She breathes life into each and every cell. Wide

Flow State

Flow State

FLOW STATE ✨ Sit, move, breathe. Flow, explore, cultivate. Let go, deepen, rise. Fall, express, go within. — Feel it A L L What is there beneath your skin In

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Own Your Rhythm is a 4-week Moon Cycle awareness program. By owning your rhythm, you will naturally…

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Real Women. Real Experiences.

WE Women is empowering me as a conscious, confident and loving woman on how to show up in my world and for myself with my most loving and confident foot forward. From their teachings I have learned the answers to questions that I didn’t even know how to articulate but I knew I wanted answers to them.

It’s like they’ve gone into the corners of my mind and are speaking exactly to what my soul is yearning to learn. I feel supported and understood and excited about who I can become from their teachings and sisterhood.

Cassandra Hope

RHN, CPT, Co-Founder IBS Academy

Krystal and Jamie are incarnations of the Divine Feminine at its strongest. Through their compassionate heart AND fierce stand for women reclaiming their power, these Wonder Women are true world leaders, beacons of light and hope, and role-models to women, children, and teens.

However you were brought to WE Women, know that it is not an accident — as these healing sisters hold exactly the wisdom that the world needs.

Anya Grace

Founder, EastWest Woman

  • Sister, do you S E E yourself?
Your beauty—
shines through the shadows
asking you to make space
for the light within.
Give yourself permission
to release any shame
lighting a candle for every
trauma, pain and loss.
Your soul—made of stars
is supported by the
cosmic connection to all.
Do not fear the shadows within—
for in the darkness we witness
the power of the L I G H T ✨
I see you.
I feel you.
I release you.
Draw your energy inward
feeling your magic, your power.
The journey of
and forgiveness
is heavy at times.
Find your voice, sweet sister
and allow the song of your soul
to guide you—
just as the ocean guides
the waves toward the shore.
{art by @milkformycoconut}
  • Body love 💛
Women have been shamed for generations
told that the beautiful body they are in
isn’t good enough, small enough, tall enough.
We have been taught to doubt ourselves
to base our definition of beauty
on an external and misguided perception
of what it means to be
Beautiful sister—
we find our power in the pause
the release of judgement
cleansing of the past
and visualization for the future.
We need all the support to heal
past traumas, pain, dis-ease
all softened by radical acceptance
of who we truly are ✨
WE have created a guided Body Cleansing Visualization to support you on your journey. 
In this 6-minute meditation, you will tap deeply into your physical form, deactivate trigger points, cleanse toxins and activate a healing light from within to bring your body back to its healthiest biological state.
DM us with “BODY LOVE” for the link to access this powerful guided healing practice.
  • Declutter she said
and it will all float away.
The misconceptions and worries,
the illusions and social formalities.
You ambiguous past
is taking up space
in a life in need of breath,
and with no time to waste.
To be free—come with me
into the deep, deep energy,
of mindfulness and serenity.
The E A R T H
will let you see ✨🦅
—Written by WE Community Member, AVP Mruz { @heartcentered_poetry }
Interested in contributing your words to the WE community?
Submit your work to
We'd love to hear from you! 💛
{ image by @karlycakesss }
  • Embrace the F E E L S
under this New Moon Solar Eclipse ✨
Sitting strong in Cancer, she turns up the dials on our emotional life urging us to explore and honor our subconscious self.
Ask—what do I need today?
Floating on the waves of this water sign you may be craving a space to reflect, release and renew your connection to yourself and Mother Earth.
You may be guided towards the healing powers of the ocean, lakes and rivers 🌿
We are 6 months into the year, and many of us are feeling the shifts, pressures and excitement for what’s to come.
Honor your intuitive nudges and find time for the juicy exploration of Y O U 
If you feel called, you may wish to pull a tarot card under this moon and ask:
“What should I put my energy towards during this phase of the moon?”
Allow yourself to feel supported, loved and encouraged on your journey.
New Moon Blessings to you, sweet sister 💛
{art by @cosmiccollage}
  • :: PODCAST :: ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
WE recently spoke with @doravandekamp — the wellness goddess behind the "Biohack Your Beauty" podcast and oh, it was so full of magic ✨
Together, we dove into topics like... ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
🌿 What is a wild embodied woman
🌿 What role sisterhood plays in moving through dark times
🌿 How to connect to your feminine rhythm and how it connects to different phases of the moon
🌿 How to communicate to your partner about your own feminine rhythms
🌿 Healing through coffee enemas
🌿 How to tell the difference between intuition & fear
Listen now via link in bio!
  • if
the ocean
can calm itself,
so can you. 
are both
salt water 
mixed with
  • D E S I R E
This weekend WE ask ourselves...
“What is important to me?”
Put yourself first, sweet sister 💛
A powerful practice is to infuse your desires into a sacred item that brings you joy.
Hold it in your hands—your energy
imbuing the power of your intentions into its physical form.
A ring, crystal, feather or book works well.
Carry this item with you for the weekend and into the week ahead.
Allow it to ground you.
Offering clarity in moments of stress and serving as a reminder of your highest and most beautiful intention ✨
  • Like a wildflower;
she spent her days
allowing herself to grow
Not many knew of her struggle,
but eventually all;
knew of her L I G H T ✨
—Niki Rowe
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