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Moon In Scorpio

Do you feel the call?

As we move through the last few days of the waning moon you are encouraged to embrace the mysteries within.
Question old stories, triggers, beliefs, and with love—
remove the veil.

Glimpse the unique world of your soul.
Where have you left unexamined?
Have you been decisive without question?
You may find it helpful to draw a warm bath
open your heart
with hawthorn, rose petals, lemon balm
and light a candle of renewal.

The moon sits softly in Scorpio today
beckoning us to question the subconscious world within
to examine and move past blocks and fears
and bravely release old patterns.

Liberate your soul, my sister.
You are the rhythm maker, the pattern breaker.
Find the strength within to
your body, the body of a Goddess—
What is her destiny?

When we illuminate our unconscious
our dark corners can no longer hold us hostage.
Meditate on the mystery and magic within—
your cosmic connection.

Imagine light coming in and all around you,
bringing cleansing, love and healing.
You are safe to release.
You are loved.
You are heard.
You are valued.

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