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Morning Smudge Ritual

How many of us wake up each morning with a long list of to-do’s, a full day of work and the demands of every day life?

It’s important WE remember to ground, connect to self, and set our intentions for the day before allowing the demands of our loved ones, and the collective consciousness, to consume our energy.
Palo Santo brings feminine magic and sweet purification into our day—helping us to draw our awareness inward to remain grounded while keeping our hearts open.

Anytime we smudge, it is important to do so with awareness and intention, bringing life force and energy into the sacred wood.

The intention of this ritual will help guide your entire day, and raises your vibration to attract the abundance you desire.

✨ Light your stick of Palo Santo with a match, let it burn for 30-60 seconds and gently blow out the flame.
✨ With the stick in your hand, move around your physical space or your body with the intent to cleanse negative energy and connect to your positive intentions for the day.
✨ When complete, take a moment to let the experience settle. Breathe deeply in the cleansed air. Observe and just be.


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    Love this! Never thought to do a smudge as a way to start the day. Plus it’s nice and simple, so even non-morning people like me can do it 😉


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