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What If We Ask?

There may be no lesson as mind-blowing as learning to ask our partner for what we want. But first, we have to figure out what it is we want! Many of us have been keeping our desire—especially our sexual desire—tucked away.
But how P O W E R F U L it can be to share these desires, freeing them of the shackles of our own mind.

Are you ready, sisters?
Join us in a beautiful exercise, releasing your desires through the written word 〰

💛 Find a comfortable position and feel your feet on the floor as you sit quietly, taking in the stillness.

💛 Scan your body from head to toe. Do you notice any physical sensations? Perhaps it feels like tension or lightness. Now identify three separate sensations and speak or whisper them out loud.
“My feet are on the floor.”
“I can feel a sort of sparkly sensation from my chest.”
“My insides feel dark and wet and mossy green.”
Speaking your sensations is a great way to return to the present moment.

💛 Once you’re finished and feeling grounded within your body, you’re ready to begin. Start by setting an 8-minute timer. You are going to answer the question “What does my sex want right now?” When the timer starts, put pen to paper and continue until the timer chimes.
Try not to sensor yourself—if your sex wants to be naughty, if it wants to do things your conscious mind would never have thought to do, let it have its say. Know that you are not responsible for anything it says or does, your only job is to give it S P A C E.

💛 If at any point you become stuck, simply return to “What does my sex want right now?” When the timer goes off, finish the sentence you’re on and read through your answers. Do you approve of what your sex wants? Does anything surprise you? Do you feel you let your sex have its say or did you hold back out of fear? Notice the sensations in your body after the exercise is complete.

There is much for us to learn here, dear sister.
The more we tune into ourselves.
Our body.
Our knowing.
The better we are supported along our desire-filled journey.

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