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Flow State

Sit, move, breathe.
Flow, explore, cultivate.
Let go, deepen, rise.
Fall, express, go within.
— Feel it A L L
What is there beneath your skin
In the place you call your home.
Your body holds
so much wisdom
Can you find comfort
and listen to her call
She is speaking to you
from the depths
With a language no one else can understand
Do you accept her fully
just as she is
Do you love her fully
without any conditions
Do you see her wholeness
without any judgements
As the ripples unfold into stories in her life
Can you sit and observe
without being a character in the play
Let her BE 💛
Hear her call
Soften into the edges life has given her
Surrender into the not knowing
Allow the labels to fall away
Notice her—In her truth
Who is left once all the layers have melted away?

— Rebecca Wilson, WE Community Member

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