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You turn to the sun, you find the light. It illuminates you. It ignites you, and your own inner light burns more brightly for it. Or perhaps that sun, those rays of truth, help to burn away some of what’s been blocking your inner radiance.
I know this.
You are like a flower, finding and tracking the source of warmth and light, and opening to it. And in that opening, inevitably, you reveal yourself: you expand, your layers unfold, and your delicate places, your fiercely strong inner core, and the stunning complexity of your inner beauty are laid bare for all to see if we but look.
I have seen this.
Having opened, you give of yourself. The nectar of your truth pours out, sweet, intoxicating, and deeply nourishing. The vibrant flow is freely given, joyfully shared. Each outpouring of truth we witness resonates with, and calls forth, our own inner truths. We are fed anew, and we grow. All of us.
I have tasted this.
What you give you will receive. You do not give to receive, but it will be given. The light you share will radiate back upon you. The sparks which fly from your fire will ignite a hundred new fires, burning brightly to dispel the darkness.
I believe this.
— Ram B., WE Community Member

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