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Feminine Anger

Anger is not considered a feminine emotion.

Our society has demonized our anger so much that we repress it and carry resentment that is often confused with leadened depression. Why is it that we cry when we want to shout? Emotion literally means energy in motion, yet we bury our anger and make ourselves sick. Anger is a gift we are given to protect ourselves and allows us to say no and create boundaries. It is the response to unjust or boundary violations and when working with it productively, it is so fucking powerful. Get healthy, clear, and open with your anger!
Before you start working with anger with other people, you must work with anger yourself. Understand what anger looks like and feels like to you. Look into your anger and begin to work with it skillfully. Recognize the situations in which you are triggered and choose a skillful response. When your anger is warranted, it is an essential energy. Often times with inquiry I am able to trace a feeling of anger back and recognize when it’s an old feeling. This is crucial.

Anger can often be a crossover emotion; a deep seated fear that makes us armor up to protect ourselves, causing a barrier to intimacy.

Let it go and don’t cling on to the story. Find yourselves in relationships where you can express anger. This is what it means to be a human being. There’s nothing that can’t be said and there is value in truth and kindness. Be stable enough in who you are to recognize when you may be wrong. We all have blind spots.
Be willing to accept feedback.
Identify the layers.
Give yourself permission to act angry.
Choose non violent communication to voice your frustration.

Your anger is a sword for bullshit, use it sister.

— Michelle Olson, WE Community Member

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