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Who WE Are

WE Women was birthed through intuition, passion and true sisterhood.

Our mission is to create and build a supportive & loving community, while shining a guiding light for
all women on their journey to wild embodiment. We’ve created this safe space to learn, share, support, grow and emerge
as the Wild Embodied Women we truly are.

Welcome home, sister.


Jamie Lee Mock

Jamie Lee is the Co-Founder & Facilitator of Wild Embodied Women. Her journey to embodiment began with the practice of yoga and quickly grew as she discovered the power of meditation and manifestation practices. Though, it wasn’t until she awakened and embraced her inner feminine knowing—her intuition—that her life began to change drastically.
Along her journey, Jamie has explored many healing modalities and has become certified as a holistic nutritionist, intuitive coach practitioner and visceral craniosacral therapist. Providing safe space, support and healing is her deepest purpose and calling.


Krystal Vrba

As the Co-Founder & Facilitator of Wild Embodied Women, Krystal Vrba integrates her knowledge and wisdom through multi-faceted healing modalities. It was just a few years ago that she was bed-ridden, suffering with severe chronic fatigue and autoimmune conditions, praying to regain health in hopes of feeling like a “normal” woman. Today, she lives from a place of gratitude having healed her life-threatening conditions. Krystal works with women struggling to feel at home in their skin where, working to bring them back to a place of personal power. She is the Co-Founder of Refresh Natural Health, returning women to their intuition and body wisdom through colon hydrotherapy, nutrition and lifestyle coaching and reiki.

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